dyed blonde and/ or black hair
usualy also have coon tails
Usualy straighted alot and then backcombed at the back
Hair usualy has very short layers on top with long (often extensions) underneath -very choppy
Side swept fringe, also known as an emo fringe
Black straightened hair, occasionaly back combed at the back
Side swept fringe, also known as an emo fringe
Anything with Hellokitty, Anchors, Bats, Diamonds ect.
Drop dead, Fresh till death, Baby cakes and such are all popular makes
Often wear skinny jeans
Dress sense is very similar to emo but far more colourful and nice looking
Peak caps are also popular
Skinny Jeans
Reasonably tight tops
Drop dead, Fresh till death, Baby cakes and such are all popular makes
Peak caps are also popular
LOTS of foundation till your skin is all one colour
LOADS of eyeliner (even more than emos) usualy with annoying flicky bits at the outer eye
Fake eyelashes are often worn
SOME scene guys wear abit of eyeliner, although it is usualy considered to emo
Jewlery and piercings
Knecklaces with hello kitty, anchors, bats, diamonds, brass knuckles, gloomybear, tapes or any other 'scene' icon on are good
One to many knecklaces should be worn
Favourite peircings for scene girls are lips - snake bites and monroe and nose - septumand Bridge.
Ear stretchers are also considered good
Any other piercings are also acceptable, the more the better
Favourite piercings for scene guys are snake bites, septum and bridge.
Ear stretchers, stretched really big.
Act like you have no emotions, you wouldnt want to be mistaken for an emo
You need to be Br00tal to defend yourself on vanity bands on myspace
Scene Queens, Audrey Kitching, Zui Suicide, Hanna Beth, Jac Vanek, Kiki Kanibal ect.
Ollie Sykes and all that scene
Must have all the online networking sites going, myspace, bebo, facebook, buzznet ect. and have ridiculous amounts of friends on them
Be in as many 'vanity bands' as possible
Listen to people throwing up into micraphones aka bring me the horizon, the devil wears prada ect.
Go to gigs
Must have all the online networking sites going, myspace, bebo, facebook, buzznet ect. and have ridiculous amounts of friends on them
Listen to people throwing up into micraphones aka bring me the horizon, the devil wears prada ect.
Go to gigs
Be in a screamo band
and stuff like that
Im a hardxcore Br00tal scene kid!
by yes please bbz April 09, 2008
lots of definitions...

someone who is partly emo, partly prep.

someone who doesn't want to be considered a labelled person, but likes to dress like an emo.

an emo that doesn't wear black.

someone who loves neon colours, has straight hair with multicoloured streaks, lots of eyeliner, and loves to go to rock concerts.
female scene kids are often obsessed with things like hello kitty or skelanimals.
they put alot of effort into their myspace/bebo profile picture.
both male and female secne kids often have side swept hair with one side over their eye.
Chav: dude, you're such an emo
Scene kid: no I'm not
Chav: yes you are, don't argue with me grr
by Rockstar<3 March 28, 2008
Scene kids are people(teens) that
are trying to be different, unique, random, etc..
When really they are just doing
They follow whatever "the scene" is.
the exact opposite by this because
they think this makes them cool
scene kids usually find themselves original, weird etc, when they are really just normal sane kids.
a lot of "normal" people (who dont know they're scene as well)
think scene kids are stupid.
What really makes them(scene kids) stupid is seeing other
peole dress, or act this way and they are tricked
into liking it as well.
Being scene can even include the things people do,
say, or how they act. Even bands are 'scene'.
Scene kids usually include "gangsters" and "skater/punk/emos"
today the scene is more like this...
-bright colors
-skinny jeans
-an asmmetrical hair 'do, sometimes with dyes
like the top half of head's hair is bright blonde,
when the bottom hair is black.
-studded belt
-fitted hat
-a little more on the tight side jeans
-stiped sweaters, band shirts
-studded belt
-gauges or plugs in their ear lobs
-black clothes
-tight jeans
-asymmetrical hair, sometimes with dyes like random
white chunks in black hair
-gauges or plugs in their ear lob
a scene kids sn xdinosxgoxrawrx
by elll December 10, 2007
A group of kids who all hang out togther and have the "emo" hairstyle, tight girl pants a tight band t-shirt and wear checkered vans and a studded belt. They are typically very, very vain and think highly of themselves. And piss on those heavier or different than them just to boost their self esteem. They listen to screamo, hardcore and gangster rap. They incorporate rap vernacular in their everyday language to be "just random" They claim to be straight edge when they think it's cool around the older scene kids but when all of their non-scene friends are around them smoking they smoke just to fit in. Then will claim to need a huge nic fix. They constantly pull double standards when the topic of music is brought up. For example:
scene kid: "Do you like Underoath?"
metalhead: "Not really my thing."
metalhead: "I'm a big fan of Iron Maiden though."
Scene kid: "Eeew Iron Maiden is sooo old and gross, I hate them....arrgh!"
Metalhead: "Have you even heard them?"
Scene kid: "No."
by the beast666 November 24, 2007
scene kids need to be updated, the other ones on urban dictionary are getting old.

scene boys:
-Tight pants or 3/4 pants (3/4's mostly camo)
-Likes techno and rap but also likes genres like screamo, hardcore and grindcore.
-theres many different hair styles:
spiked at the back and long fringe
flat hair, big fringe
Box/block fringe (straight across eyesbrows or eyes.) longer at the sides.
-has myspace, doesnt always have thousands of friends, but those who do join myspace trains (aesthetic perfection is popular these days)
-arent always gay or bisexual, some of them dislike gays/lesbians.
-hxc scene kids have many piercings, mostly septum, bridge and snakebites.
-Bring me the horizon, hadouken!, Jeffree star ectt = scene bands.
-wears nikes, vans or sometimes converse.
-Indie, emo and scene are all very similiar.
-talks in text language.
e.g: lol, lmfao, rofl, pmsl, wtf, omg ecttt
-kid scene kids get drunk on parks, fields, anywhere secluded. or if they're older they'll have got bored of drinking and get stoned instead.
-sometimes hate Fall out boy and mcr.
-Paramore are gathering a lot of scene fans.

everyone is individual in their own ways, even if they do all wear extensions, dye their hair many colours, wear tight jeans and wear eyeliner.

even though scene, emo and indie are kind of the same,
scene kids and indie kids seem to retaliate towards abuse,
whereas emos keep themselves to themselves.
Punk: oh my god, look at those scene kids!
Punk 2: isnt that JAMIEJACKOFF from myspace?
Punk: what the fuck?! lets go kick the shit out of him.

*fight breaks out*
by mothershipkid November 17, 2007
it's as simple as people that are really into the local music scene. i don't know about anywhere else, but in Seattle, its usually in the genres of emo, hardcore, and metalcore.

a lot of scene kids are straight edge. that really is mostly because of this groups affiliation with original hardcore (which is where emo evolved from and emocore), which is bands like minor threat, bad brains, dead Kennedys, 7 seconds, etc. not everyone realizes what some in the 80s did with the whole straight edge thing, but oh well. some people just took it too far and killed people who drank, smoke, and/or did drugs.

now this is a little bit of a rant, but this is my opinion here:

what confuses me (first of all i'm too a scene kid, the girl pants, emohawk, all of it) is that scene kids get pissed when they get made fun of for being scene, especially when someone calls them emo. Now in my opinion, emo kids usually are preps or people from some other stereotyped group that is in the beggining stages of converting to scene. But when you look at it as a whole, THEY ARE SO CLOSELY RELATED, IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE WHY PEOPLE WOULD CONFUSE THE TWO. so don't get pissed off just because peopel are uneducated, unless they put themselves in that situation.

i won't say much more. other than scene kids usually know a ton about music, but they don't do much with it other then try to impress people with it. it's almost as if it's a contest of who can know more about music. oh well, i just like emo, indie, hardcore, spazzcore, metalcore, etc. just because it's not mainstreamed. fall out boy used to be scene, until they started focusing on the money and adding other people to their music. but that's another issue, selling out sucks.
a lot of scene kids also hate rap with a passion. but recently, scene kids are popping up in the rap scene as well. like gym class heroes. don't know why, scene kids to me are the more antithesis to rap, but whatever
by big tall emo kid in seattle July 10, 2007
The first thing i'm gonna say is this:
As a scene kid, the idea is to be INDIVIDUAL
sooo giving ppl a load of rules is not gonna help them be be scene you basically need to be confident enough to have a go at different fashions. The bows in the hair are pretty common, along with junk jewelley and cassettes on like chord around ur neck. Invent your own rules. Don't give a shit what anyone else thinks of you because seriosuly if your happy then they can piss off!!
Most scene kids have long blonde or black hair? Right?
WTF no!!!!

These are my ideas for people who want to become or want to be able to recognise scene kids:
1: usually has a side fringe or full fringe
2: bright neon clours
3: random fashion
4: junk jewellery by the ton!!
5: bows...uber cute!!
6: converse, vans and all tht!
7: have friends in the scene as well, you can't be scene on your own!!
8: check out the new rave gigs, indie rock and bands nobody has really heard of!!
9: Individuality is the key i swear to do what you want, its a pretty cool thing to follow as you can do wtf u want!!

Useful words:
lol =D
and another thing, don't try and change overnight or you'll look like a pratt!!!

ohh and its a gd idea to get skinny jeans, especially coloured ones!!
by NewRaveRiotVan April 25, 2007

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