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scene kids are just another kind of group. like preps, goths etc. we dont listen to unknown artists because noone else has heard of them or because we want to be different. we listen to the music we listen to because its what we like, thats all. i dont see why anyone is against this group. its not like we hate goths because they like to wear oversized bell bottom pants which are either black or neon colored, or because they have 5 different chains hanging from them. we aren't unfriendly and jerkish or judgmental. get over the fact that we're different. people are different, no one is the same and just because we aren't into what you're into, doesn't mean we're posers or faggish. we aren't wanna bes or anything like that. Scene kids are kids doing, wearing and acting like they want, like themselves. and just because we may be more out of the ordinary than others are, doesn't mean were fakes or anything like that. i know i've said these things already but, i must stress it. we have certain ways of saying stuff on aim, but so don't you. we have certain ways of dressing and accessorizing, but then again so dont you. we have different tastes in music and hair styles, but <u>so dont you</u>. how come nobodys picking on the people with the mohawks? because your too busy sitting here judging people you have nothing against, (but yet acting like they did something terribley wrong to you) when you actually dont know them, your just too bitter to take the time to get to.
and btw there are no TYPICAL conversations. get over yourselves trying to judge us and tell us what we say, act, do, dress like.

oh yes yes yes. almost forgot. some people are conformists, other aren't. not all scene kids are, not all aren't. judgmental whores. stfu.
by xslynn March 17, 2008

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