The living definition of faggot. They seem to be everywhere, especially in Cape Coral. All of the scene girls are sluts, though some may be hot don't let them fool you it's just caked on make-up. All of the scene guys think they're "badass motherfuckers" they're really just little whiney bitches. they try to act like they'll do something because they want their friends to think they're cool.
by Metalhead239666 April 29, 2010
A bunch of posers with big egos that need to get over themselves.
Most of them have no clue about what music came before that job for a cowboy was influenced by,and the rest of the bands just copy cated job for a cowboy.
scene kids at a concert

oh my gawd this band is so brootal,but I forgot there name,oh well I'm going to slam dance.
by Metalhead175 February 14, 2010
EVERYTHING YOU HAVE READ ABOUT SCENE KIDS IS OUTDATED. It's all written in 05 through 07, and everything's changed. no more brutal and no more gross hair, etc.

_wear plaid shirts, band shirts, v-necks
_skinny jeans, cute mini skirts
_flats, converse, vans
_dont normally tease their hair. the older ones (16+) do sometimes, but it's not huge or obnoxious.
_hair is dyed any color, brown and red are becoming popular
_coontails are not a necessity. some have them just for fun
_still go to shows but some just go in random public places and act stupid
_some have myspace names involving band names/songs (bring carly the horizon; hey jake, whats your name again?)
_ages 14 to 20+
_it's cool to be a photographer, site model, and band member (deathcore, screamo, and metalcore. anything else isn't scene. it's just normal)

_The Devil Wears Prada
_Bring Me the Horizon (obvz)
_A Skylit Drive
_Sky Eats Airplane
*anything crunk, or with a dude screaming incessantly. occassionally electronic or acoustic weasels its way in.

New scene kids dress kind of indie now. Some still look brutal but without the crazy hair. Piercings are still common, as is MySpace usage. Photoshopped pictures no longer look as overdone, depending on who the person is. No one worships scene queens. In fact, most of the new kids have no idea who they are. Gore, hello kitty and diamonds are not obsessions. The new thing to have on your profile is a random photography picture or a phrase proclaiming personal beliefs, or saying something along the lines of "I'M NOT EMO OR SCENE, IM JUST MYSELF".

_look emo
_have bad dye jobs
_wear thick gross eyeliner
_pierce their lips crookedly and get them infected
_listen to emo music (MCR, etc)
_have pages loaded down with gloomy bear and stupid dinosaur/robot junk. "rawrrr" is a common phrase.

_myspace name involves an EMO BAND (my chemical katie; lorrie! at the disco) or its a brutal rip-off (sarah sinister, victoria vicious)
_ages 10-13 usually (some kids within those ages are legit though, dont discriminate against age, ya digg?)

My advice: don't read the entries for scene unless it's from 2008 or 2009. otherwise, you'll end up looking lstupid & everyone will ask what happened to your hair. but if you wish, go ahead and look completely br00tal and hXc. personally, i love that style. not everyone can pull it off though, including myself.

scene kids have changed a lot since their official inception into teenage culture in the year 2004.
by xD0LLF4YC3 August 19, 2009
Kids who long to be "different" and are interested in anime.

Highly mistaken for "emo" kids, but no, they are very different.

Usually if you find a scene kid, they are in a group of other scene kids. They usually have over-straightend, poorly-teased hair (either black with streaks of read or other obnoxiously bright colors, or bleach blonde) and way too much eye makeup (including the guys)

They usually hangout at the mall or concerts. Most likely if you see one, they are standing around talking to one another and having no life.

More than half of their lives are spent on Myspace.

Usually have a weird obsession with Hello Kitty and/or Mitchell Davis.

99.9% of them reside in Jacksonville, Florida.

Sometimes decide to change their orientation so they draw attention to themselves.

Sometimes have 2 names, like EddieExtinction, to show their wonderful creativity.

Are extremely pale. By choice.
John: Your clothes are too tight. Did they shrink in the dryer?

EddieExtinction: No. Tight clothes are different, so I wear them. Cause I'm a scene kid. And that's what scene kids do.
by audreysprettycool July 18, 2009
are the most retarded people ever
Scene kids would be hot if they weren't scene.
by eazy geezy June 14, 2009
all try to be individuals but, end up looking like a fucking fags.

try to impress fellow scene kids by doing stupid shit.

usually listen to devil wears prada or any other gay shit.

usually X-ian or pretend to be atheist.

usually have lip piercings.

usually smoke cigarettes at public places (movies,shows,anywhere with a lot of people) to show off.

probably say fail!, or party foul a lot.

probably wearing neon colors.

most of the douche bags wear a jacket with gym shorts and classic vans.

go to shows to mosh, smoke and listen to pig squealing.

scene girls are good to fuck(if they don't look like shit).

think they're the shit because weak minded kids dont think for themselves these days and think its cool to be a gay little scene.

most of em smoke and don't even know how.

think they're hardcore or think they're better than you.

most think they love Hitler and think theyre nazis

dont like obama

just fucking douche bags

usual (myspace, facebook, aim, ect.) name x(blank)x
ex. xtimmyx

think they're artistic

(hope they all die a slow death)
by chase666 May 25, 2009
they are shit.
they 'love' Bring Me The Horizon.
Actually hate it but to look cool say they love it.

myspace with loads of pics of themselves in a weird facial expression, a claw of justice and normally RAWWR written on them.
They like neon.

Bright coloured clothes and a childrens tv charcater bag. Skinny Jeans. New Era caps. Nike Customs. Bands.
Normally get obsessed with something.
A Skateboard of sorts.
Really cool hair.

Normally seen outside.
Their names can normally have an allitartive style.
EG: TonyTerror, HollyHomicide, MattMurder.

They apparenttly love trance music.
They seems nice but actually are fake.
They speak with IM acronyms. OMFG!
They talk like chavs.

actually they are preppy emo's.

Scene1:OMFGZ BMTH's nu song is well cool!

Scene2:I knowz its sick.

Scene1:Yeah 'Pray For Plagues' is my favv!

Scene2:WTF is that?

Scene1:I dunnno, some song they do.

Scene2:LOLZ whats this band again? Ring Tea The Hooray Zone?

Scene1:Yeah I thinkz so.
by SuicideScenes October 03, 2008

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