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scene kids can be male or female.Usually seen 'where the scene is' wearing black and/or neon colours.
ADORE the bright coloured eye shadow, black eye liner is very popular along with hair bows and other accessories.
Hair is usually STRAIGHT,choppy with bangs. Its is dark with a few bright colours that jump out at you.
skinny jeans of any colour are popular along with funky belts band t's and hoodys.They like cute stuff such as animé, hello kitty and other random stuff. They wear usually flats shoes (converse dollys vans or even dc's)
beads,piercings and especially pearls a common in scenes.

eye liner is even popular with the boys, as is the bangs.The boys hair are usually shorter than the girls,still choppy with the colours.Skinny jeans usually darker colours funky belts,hoodys and band t's are common too. Dc's vans just flat shoes are acceptable in male scenes. piercings and tatoos are the norm too.

scene kids are generally nice people,known for being very hyper and as said 'where the scene is' into alot of different types of music and like going to concerts.They use words and phrases such as 'RAWR' 'you are the sex' and other funny phrases.very out oging and confident,never mix-up a scene kid with an emo. thats a no go

this description isnt telling you WHAT to be like if you are scene,its just the general look and stuff.i in no way mean to judge or tell people how to behave

hope this helps :D <3 xxx
person1:"wow look at her,her hair is HUGE"
person2:"yeah shes a scene kid,thats the look shes going for"
person1:"cool.shes hot too"
by 19SceneKid95 March 29, 2010

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