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Scene Kings are a part of the internet fad to gain lots of friends on sites like Myspace, Stickam, Buzznet, & others. They are either good friends with one another or worst enemies, but never neutral.

They are usually feminine (eyeliner, girlpants, bright colors) and have a huge following of fangirls. Most of them are famous for nothing, but some model, act, own clothing stores, or sing. Most of them are related to, date, or are friends with Scene Queens.

Scene Kings also can almost always be googled or found on youtube.
Clint Catalyst (Famous Scene King for being a model and LA scene socialite)

Kaiden Blake (Famous Scene King for modeling, writing, and singing)

John Hock (Famous scene king for his stickam shows)

Matthew Lush (Famous for being a 'role model' for the gays)

Jeffree Star (Hollywood transvestite most popular for modeling and singing and probably one of the more popular scene kings)

Alex Evans (Scene King known for modeling and singing)
by SceneJesus July 10, 2008
A scene king is a boy that has excessive friends on popular websites like MySpace, LiveJournal and most recently Stickam. They take photographs of themselves in ridiculous angles to make themselves look a lot more attractive than they are in reality and may even also photoshop their already distorted images to further improve the quality. Their appearance basically consists of incredible hairstyles that include an array of many different colors, hair extensions, piercings such as snake bites, septums, monroes, guages etc., tight shirts and skinny jeans. They are often egotistical and stuck-up. They attend hardcore shows to make an appearance and start drama, even if they don't even like the bands playing.
guy1: hey look at that faggot scene king
guy2: let's hate mosh his ass
scene king: omg i'm so fabulous

by lolyouwish November 24, 2007
some stupid nick-name that people on Urban Dictionary made up for scene kids in order to obtain a lot of thumbs up votes.
Idiot: Hey look at that Scene King

Scene Kid: what the fuck are you talking about?

Idiot: You know.... famous myspace scene kids!

Scene Kid: wow your a fucker. Why dont you go define shit head on Urban Dictionary you dick face.
by asdfghjklrabbit February 23, 2009
Some One who has lots of popular friends, loves music and does anything for attention. wear tight shirts doesnt matter where you shop, make it cute though! scene kings usually have haters and they things like "your gay" or "your a fag". being scene is harder than you think you have to have perfect hair and if its not that you got to look your best.
kid: eww look at that fag
kid2:omg wat a loser
scene king:eff you
scene kings:
by scene love girly girl February 25, 2009
Scene King is a guy who is well known in the music and myspace industry. Takes pictures of their privates to be 'mistakingly' placed onto the internet. Makes really ugly expensive clothing that people just love to buy and take pictures of to put onto their myspace. Most of the world wants to have their babies, even the guys would love to havie their babies.

Some kind of scene version of a pimp, but, only without all of those girls. Someone that Audrey Kitching, and William Beckett might have dated.
Girl: Oh my god! Pete Wentz is such a Scene King! I want to have his babies and buy all of his expensive clothing!

Boy: Oh no! Pete Wentz is mine! I own his penis in bed!
by xeskie January 05, 2007
People on MySpace, usually teenagers, who take loads of pictures of themselves.

And wear bbycks clothing, of course.

Examples of Scene Kings:

Paul Grifiths
Alex Evans
Erik Dieterich
Jeffree Star
by binks342 November 16, 2008
Teenagers that are famous off the internet!!!
Here are some examples of scene kings:
John Hock (The famous Stickam hacker)
Sonny Moore (from first to last and recently his solo project)
Paul Griffiths (Babycakes clothing owner and owner of THESECRETPARTYLTD)
Oliver Sykes (singer)
Mathew Lush (Self proclaimed "Gaygod")

Scene kings usually date scene queens.
Scene kings always have perfect hair!
by 1truevoice November 17, 2007
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