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A scene king is a boy that has excessive friends on popular websites like MySpace, LiveJournal and most recently Stickam. They take photographs of themselves in ridiculous angles to make themselves look a lot more attractive than they are in reality and may even also photoshop their already distorted images to further improve the quality. Their appearance basically consists of incredible hairstyles that include an array of many different colors, hair extensions, piercings such as snake bites, septums, monroes, guages etc., tight shirts and skinny jeans. They are often egotistical and stuck-up. They attend hardcore shows to make an appearance and start drama, even if they don't even like the bands playing.
guy1: hey look at that faggot scene king
guy2: let's hate mosh his ass
scene king: omg i'm so fabulous


by lolyouwish November 24, 2007
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