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Nasty ass bitch with some sort of venereal disease or anal itch that should be force fed bleach stabbed with a rusty screwdriver and anally penetrated by a rabid raccoon and burnt in a pool of feces.
Bitch was jones to suck my dick, so I made that sceeber use a dental dam
#bust down #dizzy bitch #grenade #crack whore #cum dumpster
by thetotalpackagex April 18, 2011
A term used to describe an area of dead skin or scab, can also be used as a derogatory term as an insult!

It is a commonly used term in Orkney since its invention by Sammy R!
"Check the sceeber over there" or "I need some cream to relieve my sceebers"
#sceeber #sceeb #sceeby #sceebs #sceebed #sceebiest #sceebatious
by Matt and Jinky April 22, 2010
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