Although the origins of the word "scarf"are unclear, most belive the term was first used during the Roman era, where romans and spartans alike screamed it in order to scare off invading huns. After a 500 year hiatus, the term was rekindled in the middle ages when kings would "scarf"their peasents. When a member of lower society would rob a merchant, kings and lords would drop them in scadling hot cow urine and scarf, or cut, off all their limbs. This was the firt time in its history the term was used in a negative way. The term was then brought back to it's original positive purpose when jacques cartier discovered the americans. Several history books state that the first europeans words ever uttered in amerca were "Scarf, theres a whole other world in this universe." Although basic geography proved him wrong, the term "scarf!" was impressive enough. Another famous use of the word was when the Japenese dropped bombs on pearl habor. insiders claim president roosevelt said, under his breath, "may god help us, those filthy japs just scarfed us good." The americans, however, scarfed "those filthy japs" back hard when they dropped 2 a- bombs. Nowadays, the term is universal, and mostly echoed through the feilds of sportexpo in laval, and in the hallways of vanier college. When life's treating you badly, scream scarf in anguish, when life's treating you nicley, yell scarf with a hint of pride (not too much its a deadly sin), and when you have nothing to say.....just say scarf.
-"oh man I just loaded the partner, I just got pure jon costa'ed scarf!"


-"Man we lost against those cry-babies, we could have won if it wasn't for shinpads!"

by fc rhs November 07, 2008
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To pig out or 'down' food really fast and hastily.
I scarfed down the burger.
by j-dog December 13, 2003
A nice fuzzy garment wrapped around the neck to keep you warm in the winter.
My grandma knitted me this ugly ass scarf for christmas. God damn.
by Mirar April 14, 2004
A fuzzy garment worn by emo kids, usually to soak up their tears. Even worn in the hottest of weather. Sometimes plaid, or flannel. A substitute for tissue, because a scarf is handy, and always around your neck.
Jim locked himself in his room, crying into his scarf, because his girlfriend no longer loved him. Dashboard played in the background.
by The Sexi Mexican June 26, 2004
To eat quickly and with complete disregard of grace and social etiquette.

Word Origin: In the Shakespearian era, the first ever eating contest took place. What led to the eating contest is unknown; however, it has been noted that William Shakespeare attended and remarked "In sooth, I hope these wily contestants do not ingest their cravats."

Also derived from this incident was the word craving.
Johnny: Scarf those crepes down Jesus!

Jesus: I've been craving crepes continuously for centuries since my conception.
by Larry Brains November 30, 2007
A kind of hoochie that simply hangs around the neck of anyone with money. An ornamental woman, a golddigger.
" Did you see the scarf hangin' off of Chris last night? She had one hand on his shoulder and the other in his pocket."
by the Den of Iniquity November 22, 2006
a golf shot that has no draw or fade to it and little or no skill, with a horrendous swing plane. usually a low worm-burning shot that is destined for the rough, trees or water.
Doc scarfed his drive so bad that it scarfed its way into the water 2 fairways away.
by k-h May 29, 2012
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