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The idea that you use such harsh sarcasm that it emotionally scars or traumatizes the person, hence the Scarcasm
Guy 1: "I told her she was a ugly slob, but she doesn't know i was kidding"

Guy 2: "Thats really cruel scarcasm..."
by Mclovincakes August 29, 2010
When someone uses sarcasm in a way where it scars the user, hence the term scarcasm. See sarcasm and scarcastic.
Alex: You're SO pretty.

Kaylin: -cries- Why do you have use scarcasm so much?
by Silver Haku August 28, 2008
Scarcasm, n. clever but very unkind comments that leave a scar on the recipient. A stronger form of sarcasm that is directed towards someone who is especially sensitive and is permanently "scarred" by the cutting remark.
Also Scarcastic, adj.
"Why isn't your sister coming to the house warming party?" " "Oh, she has been having a hard time dealing with her boss' scarcasm - the other day he made an especially cruel comment about the size of her nose and now she's even more self conscience in new social situations.That guy is such an ass."
by Devon Dellaversana August 17, 2007
Sarcasm relating but not limited to wounds of the flesh, body, mind and soul. First originating in the 19th century, this was used when over exaggerating the attacks of Native Americans on the first British Colonies. Word does not have to be used in sentence, because it is implied.
That shit fuckin hurt man! (scarcasm)
by Carey Gumaer May 12, 2008
When your sarcasm is so good, it leaves emotional scars.
You mad bro, my scarcasm is too Savage.
by Jacabeez June 09, 2016
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