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1) A small child who attempt to act as if he is a wordgangster

2) A poor person.

3) A petty criminal.

4) One who dresses in shell suits, baseball caps at 45 degree angles and usually has a bad complexion. Usually inhabits Dublin or other part of Ireland. Speaks in a strange high pitched accent with undue emphasis on the "eh" of words. Usually drinks vodka and cheap beer.

See also: wordknacker
Ah! Those drunken scangers are going to steal our phones! Run.
by Travis Bickle September 05, 2003
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A rough city/town knack living in Ireland, wears fake burberry hats at 45 degree angle to head,that doesnt block anything even the video camera guys.Tracksuit pants white runners celtic jerseys,try to start arguments anywhere steal peoples phones/purses milk toilet roll hair brush you name it they want it
What a pack of scangers!
thats a frickin scangercity
by Marie March 27, 2005
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Scangers are people usually from disadvantaged or impoverished working class areas of the northside of Dublin city and are also found in similarly poor parts of the mostly affleunt south. In the northside of the city they are commonplace and most youth happen to subscribe to the scanger culture whereby tracksuits (preferably nike) or trackies are worn, as are burberry hats and jewlery (bling) is worn. This on a whole is the cultural dress of the people and is complimented with thick drawlish dublin accents and an in-built expectation to show contempt for the authorities. There is of course exceptions to this and some area of the north are similar to the affleunt south e.g Howth, sutton, clontarf, castleknock, bayside and in these areas the D4 culture is prevelent
Scanger: Howaya, I ha' a bleedin' whoppa tieme las' ni' witch yar man. I tink im preggie

Scanger areas-finglas, ballymun, tallaght, ballinteer.

I can't believe I was just mugged by a group of scangers. They took my phone and my shiny watch, the magpies
by Dr dre nwa June 29, 2006
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A perpetually angry person who speaks with a high pitched voice, starts arguments as often as you have hot dinners and generally fcks up any sane social situation.In winter the male of the species typically wears a ben sherman shirt, an undersized jumper, tight jeans rammed up his hole, sovereign rings on the fingers and bad hygiene.The female sports tacky awful clothes, ear rings the size of swimming pool rims and a face in an unending twisted gnarl of rage.Facial wounds are also common.These people often have a good sense of humour.
colin farrels character in "intermission" is an example of a scanger, the perfect combination of tracksuit bottoms and some crazy jumper from the 80's
by chomskola July 02, 2006
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