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10 definitions by chomskola

A perpetually angry person who speaks with a high pitched voice, starts arguments as often as you have hot dinners and generally fcks up any sane social situation.In winter the male of the species typically wears a ben sherman shirt, an undersized jumper, tight jeans rammed up his hole, sovereign rings on the fingers and bad hygiene.The female sports tacky awful clothes, ear rings the size of swimming pool rims and a face in an unending twisted gnarl of rage.Facial wounds are also common.These people often have a good sense of humour.
colin farrels character in "intermission" is an example of a scanger, the perfect combination of tracksuit bottoms and some crazy jumper from the 80's
by chomskola July 02, 2006
This is usually used in a derogatory sense actually, Although hardshaw used to mean you were tough or fearless etc etc, these days its used to challenge old fashioned ideals of rugged alpha manliness.
awwwwww locko not payin onta the bus ye fukin hardshaw ye (heckling in the bacground)
by chomskola August 07, 2006
like a scanger but even more depraved possibly less conscious more filthy and often making gutteral noises which chill you to the bone
"Lets avoid that scag bag on talbot street even if there is a nice bakery there that sells fruit slices"
by chomskola August 05, 2006
An onomatopoeiac word. It refers both to the sound made often by these kinds of people and also refers to these people themselves.Waar's are people who talk with a nasal constricted voice which sounds somewhat like the cawing of a crow. "cawww Cawwww" etc.The point of the accent is to impress others with how "hard" and "mad" they are..generally in fact it is the weaker types who use this voice, somewhat akin to characters like "joxer" in sean o'Caseys Juno and the Paycock, or "the bird" in "The field".You will find this anywhere in Dublin but talbot street/abbey street lower is always a good place to start.
"sereeeena get yar fukkin ma ow' i want to tell 'er where me oufleah left his cunten keyyyysss" - waar
by chomskola August 07, 2006
Someone who uses Facebook regularly and is fairly laid back and stingy about liking. Occasionally they will go into an uncontrollable fit of looking up other peoples satuses and activities and liking anything that they see regardless of how well they know the person or how much they actually like it.
Facebook User 1:Holy Moly, is Karl unemployed? he's liking anything that moves!

Facebook User2: nah, look slike its a full moon, guess hes turned into a likeanthrope again!
by Chomskola February 19, 2012
spelling is apocryphal. Maneen is pretty much identical with hardshaw, its used to slag off people who are acting hard and tough but are really just big girls blouses.probably of rural irish origin its used seems to have faded out with the 90s
tomo stop slaggin off those yunfellas ye fuckin maneen look at the size of them do u want us to get our fukin heads kicked in ye stupid cunt ye
by chomskola August 07, 2006
recent addition to the dublin lexicon,means approving of a girls looks in the same way that youd talk about a car or your latest pair of runners
"your woman that works down in peter marks, ye know, that wears the rec coat, shes a fucking quality bird"
by chomskola August 07, 2006