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a series of comics by "Humon" that, while some are not G-rated, are very funny. Each person represents a country or island (their shirt is their flag) and are based off of steriotypes for the countries the represent. There are alot of characters, but only a few main ones:

Denmark: A drunk who says weird things at wierd times. Scared of nature. likes porn.

Sweden: A total dork; neat freak, technology wiz, very orderly.

Norway: A nature-loving fish eater. Almost always carries fish around and/or eats fish.

Finland: Comes in around the eighth comic or so. A drunk who always wears a green hat with ear flaps. Always carries a knife and a bottle of whiskey. Violent. Typically uses the word "perkele", a finnish curse word. Likes trying to stab people.

Iceland: A very sporty dude with white-blonde hair. Like paracuting into random places, especially volcanoes. Drawn with sparkles, but doesn't relly sparkle. it's just to emphasize his prettiness.

America: A bigshot who is in about a third of the comics. selfish, strange, uses canada as a hat. Butts in to the scandinavian's buisness randomly.

each of the characters also has a sister, but they aren't in there very often.

Alot of the characters are gay in some way shape or form.
google search "Scandinavia and the world" it's awesome.
#awesome #america #denmark #scandinavia #finland #knife #comic #humon
by AmajorFAN December 16, 2010
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