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Theiving Bastards that lie.

Hurtin unit, almost too hurtin for words.

Someone who has been scraglinated.

To scag, be scagged, or attempt a scaggle.

Someone who bones your girlfriend.

A person in a severe state of intoxication.
"That Scagnetti Dustin, he smoked all my dope!"

"U Fuck! u banged my bitch! Fuckin Scagnetti"

"Haha! Doogie scagged yer sorry ass."

"Son Of A Fuckin Scagnetti Bitch! Boubie scagged my beers!"
by Vormav January 16, 2004
state whic one may experience after copious amounts of sleep deprivation and lsd
man i was full scagnetti on sunday
by dsfl34 June 16, 2007