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Welch in origin, referring to a carpenter.

Sayer is a strong man and awsome friend. If you know a guy named Sayer you will have more fun and outrageous times with him. Everyone wants to hang out with Sayer, he is the coolest friend and most amazing boyfriend/husband you could ever have! If you are luck enough to meet a Sayer you better be ready to laugh and have a great time! He will be your best friend for the rest of your life.
Guy: When will Sayer be here?
Friend: Soon I hope, we gotta get this party started!
Girl: I'm leaving if Sayer doesn't show.
by mel_ann February 02, 2010
a wonderful, beautiful, playful, fun loving girl. one who is up for anything and everything. she will never let you down.
Man, that sayer, I wish she was MY girl.
by ncschica123 February 09, 2010
A wantan ass bandit, someone who cant get 'nuff cocks in there bum hole.
Shit, did you see that homo, 'what a sayer'.
by Dodgers April 17, 2012
a mobile disaster area
Looks like the sayer's on the move from computer suite 1 to computer suite 2
by Chris Warburton September 04, 2003
Sayers means downie, if your nickname or name is Sayers, you might want to get the one way bus to the edge of the earth (assuming the earth is flat.. it's not but, that's what Sayers thinks)
Scene kid: Hey Sayers!
Sayers: Mleh ma ma ma noaar
Scene kid: What?
Sayers: Mlaah masaa muuummllaa
by EveningMummy April 26, 2009
Describing a gay person, with no friends who no one likes. Someone who is Sayers, is annoying as hell and you would do anything to get rid of them.
Dave: No one likes me
Jim: That's because your a Sayers.
by SayerHater April 26, 2009
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