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Sayde is a frickin awesome italian chick who it hackin hilarious.
Sayde also is BOMB at softball.
"DAYYYUM, did you see sayde? She's so FOOOINE!"
by Sayde June 21, 2008
(adj.) Say-de. An extremely attractive, fun and out-going girl that has many homosexual friends, but does not exclusively hangout with homosexuals.
Hey, meet my friend Alexis, she's a total sayde, not one of those clingy fag hags.
by summerseve2011 October 28, 2011
Very funny but also can get annoying. Loves the names mike, Austin and Rodrick. she always gets what she wants but she can have a bit of a bitchy mouth. Loves dogs her Favourite animal is dogs. she really likes to hang with her best friends and also hang out with boys. even though they can be mean to her she will always keep them around. P.S she loves her family and to hang out with her cousins.
Wow Sayde is such an insperation!!!

I know Man! Shes Awesome!!!!!
by WouldYouLikeASandWich5645 August 30, 2010
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