S.A.Y.A. = Sexually Assaulted by a Young Adult
Basically it is the name of someone who sexually harrasses older men. (see gerophile)
Saya, stop touching that man's dick.
by Holstein September 01, 2010
Top Definition
A word meaning "amazing" or "epic."
usually used by scenie wienies.
omfggg did you see that chick?
yeah. shes soo saya.
by fatty999 August 10, 2009
The main Character in Blood+. She was born with a twin sister, Diva, who she will later become enemies with. Saya is not human and her blood is the only thing that can kill Diva, and Diva's blood is the only thing that can kill her.

Every two to three years after Saya became 16, Saya will fall asleep for 30 years, and when she wakes up she is the same age, this all applies towards Diva also.

At the last episode Saya was around 173 years old.
Saya is the coolest character in Blood+.

Saya is hot.

Saya is like Rukia from Bleach, actually A LOT like her.
by Walkman October 23, 2007
A young teen or child who harasses old men.
Did you see her stalking that old man? It's crazy, she is SUCH a saya.
by Joel Sam August 30, 2010
To talk total shit and not have a clue what your talking about
A fat lazy Aussie with no self worth who talks total shit

A player who is so stupid as to think ppl don't notice
Mike ,That saya is full of shit as always lol

Danny ,I know lol what a cheap slag
by Mack10man0101 November 10, 2012
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