A hoe at heart he loves to bring tacos to class and a saxton is usualy a man of great size used to the full extent of the meaning fat. hes is ugly rude and a total ass to people he cares about. Will never get a girl and the greek god saxtonia was a the underdog of the great god zeus. he is coniderd by all a "lozer"
Carley: i think im becomming a saxton
Marly: why is that
Carley: because im getting huge.. and im acting like a total bitch
by gfjnfgngfn8===D () November 23, 2010
Top Definition
The name for a very attractive male who is extremely skinny and tries to be scene. Also, the name for an 80's band, except it is spelled Saxon.
" Do you see that extremely attractive, skinny scene kid?"
"Yeah, his name must be Saxton."

"My boyfriends named is Saxton."
"You're dating someone named after an 80's metal band?"
by Sir William Buttersworth June 05, 2009
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