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A super duper extra awesome nice caring helpful sweet there-for-you Asian. He's your best friend forever and always and he's a good hugger! He is also extremly buff and very great at sports. His eyes are Asian-like and generally has black hair. HE'S LIKE A FUCKING SUPERHERO; Always there to save the day! Savios are very smart but it isn't always obvious. He is courageous and brave, and THE BESTEST FRIEND ANYONE COULD EVER ASK FOR! :) ♥♥♥♥♥
Maria: I have a problem! I need to talk to a Savio!

Maria: *Faints at the sight of the handsome and muscular Savio*
by SAVIO IS THE BEST! ♥ June 25, 2011
An Italian.

Often noticable for being very comical, silly and sometimes outrageous.

Also known as a family of psychos and filled with a numerous amounts of drunks.
Steven Savio: Dom, your dad just put his head through the fish tank again.

Dom Savio: He wasn't even drinking.

Tiffany Savio: I'll get the mop.. I hate my life..
by Steven Savio August 30, 2008
To finger a girl with one finger short of a handshake.
That's a nasty girl over there. My buddy Saviod her last night.
by n11111 March 26, 2012
A mexican gardener

Savio, don't forget to trim the roses.
by vanners August 13, 2008
word used to describe a big fag homo that wants to always engage in homosexual activities with you .. common phrases a "savio" would use in attempts to get with you include "eat me" "suck my dick bitch" "fuck me".. you get the idea..savio's a fag
approach savios with caution
by savio stop being gay December 12, 2004