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When you put your penis into someones flab rolls and thrust it back and forth.
Girl: I'm feeling horny
Boy: Fancy a sausage roll?
Girl: Are you saying I'm fat!?
by Ioannou728 April 26, 2009
When a group of males take and enjoy the effects of ecstasy (MDMA) in the absence of females.
Steve: Dave, Jim, and I took ecstasy last weekend at my house.

Jim: Damn, what a sausage roll!
by John Connolly September 18, 2006
A popular pastry dish. It is a sausage wrapped in pastry. Comparable to the larger, vegatable and beef filled cornish pasty
I had a sausage roll for tea

My cornish pasty owns the fuck out of your lame ass n00b sausage roll
by We-kill-suckers July 31, 2006
The act of consuming a delicious sausage roll, commonly after a strenuous university lecture.
Chris: Wow that lecture was quite hard to follow
Sean: We need to unwind after that.
James: Yeah, its time to sausage-roll!
Chris & Sean: ...
by Judge Jules (Julian) April 01, 2014
A Polish person. British rhyming slang, from sausage roll = Pole.
I got a new job at the warehouse, there's a lot of sausage rolls on the night shift.
by Stukas Over Stevenage January 05, 2008
Rhyming slang... sausage roll... the dole. i.e another name for the dole or social security payments.
"I fear this recession is so bad, I'm terribly afraid we'll end up on the sausage roll"
by Diamond Tee April 09, 2009
a meaty big cock, covered with a sock dripping wet with cum, this can be eaten by others or simply munched on by your friends mum
Son: mum can i have a Sausage Roll,
Mum: fuck off you cunt
by mummysboi123 March 03, 2014
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