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One of a kind. Charming, sweet, friendly, and super sexy. Satie is the type of girl that looks super innocent and acts like it too, but once you see the real her you fall in love with the passionate, funny, weird, fantastic, lovable bundle she truly is. Satie is always around if you need her and knows EVERYBODY by name and gets along with them too. Not one person could ever say they dont like her because there is something about this beautiful babe that leaves everybody wanting more. Satie likes meeting new people and adores the boys. Satie thinks that guys dont really reconize her, but they all do, and when they finally get the chance to talk to her they cant stop wanting to be with Satie. Satie is the woman that would typically be a good friend and a really good lover. She has the traits of being almost flawless and is gorgous with the cutest eyes that tell you everything. Satie has a big heart and lets you know that shes there for you because this beautiful woman is a true friend that stays loyal to her friends, family and her man.
by Cookiebear September 19, 2013
The character Satie stars on a show called "Katy and Satie" famous in the late 2031. Satie Loves black, is girly and dark, the females that paint nails and is a bit sad but together. her dog is Shoot. learn more about Satie in the Katy description.
Person YOUR MOTHER: it is Satie!
Person WHY Should I NAME THEM?: Hey Satie!
by Dashing Soul Curly Hair October 16, 2013