The area of epidermis on your wrist that emo kids are fond of cutting. Usually covered my wristbands attempting to hide the scars of the emo kids. The satis is often confused with lattice...but there is no similarity between a small fence like structure and the petite area of flesh on your wrist.
I was sitting at home crying about my sorrows and starting slicing away at my satis.
by Roger "The Yellow Dart" Daegele February 28, 2008
Top Definition
A social funeral practice created in 400 A.D. during the Indian Gupta empire, where a widowed woman would immolate herself over her husband's funeral pyre. By the tenth century it was widespread throughout India though it was used in a lower frequency. It was banned by the British in the eighteenth century for obvious reasons.
Frank: Did you hear about that Sati thing in AP world?

Me: Yeah that's some really messed up stuff
by bmc2996 August 18, 2013
When things are OK. Not great but not shitty either. Short for satisfactory but shortened for ease of speech or writing.
Used in F700's to denote a functional check was satisfactory.
Can be shortened to "S", which also stands for serviceable.

Pretty much, if things are ticking along as wanted, or advertised, then you are "SATIS"
Aaron: Hey Malky, how are you?

Malky: SATIS.

Aaron: Sweet.


Functional check of RADAR carried out, "SATIS".
by NZAP 9041 November 23, 2011
Abbreviation of satisfied or satisfaction. Often used to express satisfaction after any kind of enjoyment. It is sometimes used as adjective of the source of satisfaction.
She looks sati! This dish is sati!
by GenX June 22, 2005
Sati is the shorter word for
"ysati" which means "You suck at the internet".
Omg you sati!
Hell yeah, he is very sati
by Rob December 21, 2004
Short for the scientific name of the marijuana plant, cannabis sativa.
Sati with great flavor! Exotic buds for $65 an 8th of grade A grand daddy purple
by squiglydood December 06, 2014
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