A type of religion revolved around Satan. Opposite to christianity as it is more revolved around Self-Indulgence, nothing to do with goats or pedophile in fact 1 of the satanic laws is not to touch young children and stay out of others way unless they get in your way, if they do, DESTROY THEM!!!
Remeber 666 tatooted on the Devils bleeding CHEEEEEEEST!!!!
by Lord Fuck U September 29, 2003
Top Definition
A group of people whom are the 'opposite' to Christians. They do not, in fact, worship 'Lucifer', 'Satan', of 'the Devil'. The words 'Satan' is meant as another word for 'me' or 'myself'...As is 'Hail Satan'='Hail me'. They belive that in fact, that the human being is a power all in itself and yet is nothing more than another form of animal.
True Satanic people do not participate in animal/human sacrifices, mass sexual orgies, or child raping/molesting. (Unlike those Catholic priests out there...)
If you bastards would actually take the time to look up the Church of Satan's website, you would know this. Also, you would know this if you read the Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor Lavey.
Those whom are Satanic lead a path of harmony, while those whom are Christian want nothing but to control others through their false god.
by Tofu June 24, 2004
A disparaging adjective applied by fundamentalist Christians to anyone or anything outside their own particular belief system.
My daddy says that philosophy is satanic.
by AynRandsTeddyBear April 29, 2005
Often related to Evil or Cruel when the religion isn't actually known or understood. It's not full of goat raping, animal killing, kiddy fiddling/killing or any sort of murdering unless an ADULT person actually deserves it.
This is because an adult person knows right from wrong, they know exactly what they are doing... If a person punches you, don't love thy enemy... Kick his fucking ass!!!
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
TRUE Satanic / Satanistic :
To have an enhanced and unadulterated focus of the body and mind. An elightenment of the self as opposed to a supernatural or "white-light" form of enlightenment.
A dark soul, or the dark and/or magical forces of nature.
Occultism minus the idiocy.
In my personal opinion, Russ Columbo was a Satanic man.
by Ian the Almighty October 04, 2006
1. Pertaining to satan or satanism.
2. A term used by simple-minded fundamentalist christians for anything that their minds can't comprehend.
3. Any celebrity that is extremely hated.
1. Satanism is satanic.
2. This foreign language is satanic because I can't understand it and therefore must be cursing our children!
3. Justin Bieber is satanic.
by sega31098 July 12, 2011
like umm......to be evil
like new zealanders are satanic for having sex with sheep.
by dimitri52439 October 22, 2005
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