Cuddly cartoon character from the Cartoon Network series: The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. Greatly resembles Japanese icon: Hello Kitty.
Mandy: What's with the stupid cat doll Billy?
Billy: Pfft, it's a Sassycat doll stupid!
by PandaKing7 April 19, 2008
7 Words related to Sassycat
A cat that is very sassy

A cool person that is being sassy
Mikey: Whats up with Gerard?

Franky: Hes being a Sassy cat XD
by 109inthesky April 11, 2011
a drunk girl who acquires cat like qualities when she is drunk
friend: oh hey whats up

Sassy Cat: fuck off
by h.b.blackout October 19, 2012

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