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A term used to describe the act of sarcasm or rude, back-talking behavior. It is typically a word that most adults find appropriate in defense to a younger person. Adults were likely called the term in their younger days and despise ever being called that again. They will therefore call someone the name to feel superior and have the upper hand.
Adult: You need to go take a five minute time-out in your room.

Kid: What for? I didn't do anything!

Adult: Well sure you did! Now you're just being a sassafras!

Kid: FINE!!!
by Raine tones January 21, 2012
8 13
Slang for Methylenedioxyamphetamine or MDA, a psychedelic stimulant that can be classified as both a phenethylamine and an amphetamine. This term is popular among fans of jam bands and probably originated somewhere within the psychedelic music scene. The term is also used to distinguish powdered MDA from powdered MDMA, often referred to as "molly."
Head A: I ran into some righteous Sassafras at Rothbury, the campgrounds were full of it!

Head B: Heady.
by ramlbin' rose August 02, 2009
329 160
a tree or the root of this tree that is often used to make GOOD root beer.
you: hey, what's in Hansen's creamy root beer?
me: sassafras and some stuff.
by Lo Beedle January 26, 2004
184 110
derived from the word sassy. the act of being a smartass, back-talking, rude and disrespectful; impudent.
you: isn't he a nice guy?
me: yeah, if you like balding purtentious assholes!
you: wow, your being a sassafras.
by jpjearz August 11, 2006
219 148
1. A feisty girl. 2. One who sasses.
"Don't be such sassafras when I ask you to do something."
by Freckleface November 30, 2007
156 91
(n)--although the denotation specifies this as a tree, many have come to associate the connotation of "sassafras" with a term defining heavy amounts of sarcasm. Drawn from the root word, "sass," sassafras can be synonymical with sardonicism, facetiousness, witticism, or any other form of smarmy behavior.
Brandon could not take Spencer's unusual amount of sassafras, so he falcon punched her in the face. Twice.

If you don't quit that sassafras of yours, I will waslap you in the face. Again.
by Waspence December 07, 2010
50 33
you can sip it in the morning, sip it in the evening, even a quarter after threee!

Cuz i like sassafras!
You like sassafras!
We like sassafras TEAAAAAAAAAAA!
53 49
A relatively new underground drug which is the combination of shard mollie and mescaline.
"Hey you guys want some sassafras?"

"Hell yeah i love rollin with mescaline"
by TheloneusKool April 14, 2009
36 38