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1. Verb. - The act of entering a female companion from the anus and proceeding to drill her, whilst saying softly "Sas..." then when she turns to question it the male responds with a oblivious questioning attitude. As the anal adventures proceed the male proceeds to slowly build up volume proceeding as such, "sass...Sa sasS... SA SASS...." and at the point of climax screaming into her head, not her ear, you scream so that it resonates throughout the whole head "SASS IN YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!" it quite equivocally blows her fucking mind beyond anything previously fathomed resulting in a mix of ecstatic ecstasy and confusion.
2. Adverb. The trademark of the Sassafrass, a loud and annoying creature also known as the Latin "Minimus Bitchius", who’s most common prey, the va-jay-jay or "Betweenius Legius", is known to elude him quite often do to his loud and obnoxious nature.
1. man to a woman he's anally engaging, "Sass-In-Your-Ass!!!!!!" woman to man, "What the hell was that?" man to woman, "Great, alright im done night."
2. Sassafrass to a va-jay-jay to which its attracted, "Sass-In-Your-Ass!!!!!" va-jay-jay to counterpart, "Who the hell is that?", counterpart "I don’t know but he looks dangerous, like a rapist", va-jay-jay, "we should go". And the Betweenius Legius eludes the Sassafrass once more.
by Sassafrass, Minimus Bitchius December 12, 2008
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