Verb. Used similarly to hiking, or moving through a wooded area by foot. Generally moving or walking similarly to Sasquatch (swinging arms widely, and taking large steps, looking over your shoulder every now and then).
"Yea we were sasquatching through the snow around the ski resort."
"Man, check out the guy sasquatching in the woods!"
"I'd really like to be back in the squad bay instead of sasquatching around Quantico all day."

by Aaron Payne May 19, 2008
Top Definition
Short Guys who only like or are attrached to very tall girls 6foot plus....Guys who only date tall girls.....Guys who are sexually aroused by very tall women....Guys who like girls taller than them....
Damn , that dude is Sasquatching !!! Hes 5'3" and shes at least 6'5" !!!!

If you have to jump to give your girl a kiss , your Sasquatching Bro !!!!!
by Heyman3000 March 07, 2010
When two men engage in manual sex (jacking off) with each other while both are suspended from and being strangled by nooses. Named for what Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman would do with Sasquatch in the event of a zombie apocalypse.
Joey and I were sasquatching so hard that he nearly died when I made him cum.
by Magic_Al42 July 20, 2011
walking while taking large steps and waving your arms in a virtacle motion, when a car comes by, you turn your head and scream at them and then continue to walk.
sally was sasquatching all afternoon.
by apersonnn August 29, 2011
v. A large, hairy man streaking
Oh god, grandpa is Sasquatching again
by FrostyCat February 07, 2015
Receiving a hand job from Sasquatch in a cave while being hung. This should be done by Sasquatch's feet.

Originally from "The Nerdist" with Chris Hardwick.
Chris and Jonah are hiding from the zombie apocalypse in the wintery north Sasquatching together.
by SFJ-Man May 31, 2011
A tactic for escaping a zombie apocalypse suggested by Robet Kirkland on The Nerdist Podcast, wherein you go to the woods, find sasquatch, and both you and sasquatch hang yourselves, while jerking each other off.
Well, I guess it's finally time to go Sasquatching.
by PeggyAnnoyed June 13, 2011
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