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A Sarkis is often used to conduct hard tasks such as building a house or giving a girl a orgasm. Sarkis is a urban warrior and has a very large understanding of life.
Sarkis fucked me untill i had 3 orgasms
by blitzblitzer January 08, 2011
a slang to call lebanese christians as it being a very common christian name in lebanon
hey sarkis , how ya been.......
by night prawler May 20, 2005
a person or a thing who is a loser who uses girls on stickam and thinks /b/ is awesome,will record girls and think he can hack you.
guy 1- whats up sarkis
a sarkis - just on 4chan its awesome!
guy 1 - sweet....
by jonathanwtfux February 19, 2010
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