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the feeling after eating at Sarkis, in Evanston Illinois. A feeling of joy, happiness, pain, amnesia, heartburn, nausea, and a heart attack all rolled in one.

Also applied to eating any amount of food in large quantities to the point of great pain/joy.
Graham: i got dibs on the cheesy hash

Trin: Dude im still eating it

Graham: sarks is so pro

Trin: i ate so much im havin a sarkattack
by thecommonfiasco January 24, 2010

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An improved variant of "Icing" that involves a shot of everyone's favorite whiskey, Cutty Sark, rather than Smirnoff Ice. Detailed rules can be found at www.sark-attack.com.
Guess what bro, you've just been Sark Attacked, bottoms up!!!
by Wookie Huntr February 27, 2013