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A beautiful and intelligent young lady who makes people laugh and is very talented in many different aspects. She sometimes drinks cranberry-vodkas and speaks German after too many. Great smile, sexy legs, cute ears, athletic, very thoughtful however can be extremely dangerous!
Did you see the way that girl "sarah-jane"ed her way thru those pirates and ninja forces?!
by wise man of the hills February 04, 2010
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Girls who are given the name "Sarahjane" - are awesome!

Sarahjane - a very talented girl.

She was gifted with many things, ranging from creativity to intelligence.

She also had a knack for the human mind, and how it functioned.

She seemed to have a greater understanding for emotions as well, which became a big factor to her creative writing skills.

Sarahjane didn't only posses smarts and wit, but she was also pretty damn STUNNING. Sarahjane is a roll model to all young girls, and is every mans desire.
"I'm dating a Sarahjane. She's such a babe."


"I can't handle it. She makes me feel Sarahjane."


"Creative, talented, stunning and not to mention Sarahjane."
by Angelic features. June 20, 2009
Sarah Jane Smith is the better-than-Lois-Lane feminist journalist who was the damsel in distress sidekick of sci-fi hero Doctor Who during the 1970's, and is currently the hawt cougar mom star of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" on CBBC.

Played by British actress Elisabeth Sladen, who costarred with Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor from 1973-1974, and Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor from 1974-1976, Lis has also appeared as Sarah Jane in "K9 & Company" in 1981, and alongside David Tennant as the 10th Doctor in the Doctor Who episode "School Reunion" in 2006.

Because Lis has aged more gracefully than a Time Lord, Sarah Jane has turned into such a MILF - even though she's old enough to be a GILF - that (a) David Tennant totally broke character and turned into a masturbating fanboy in all of his scenes with Lis, and (b) Sarah Jane's adopted teenage son on "The Sarah Jane Adventures" is doomed to develop an incurable Oedipus complex because of her.
"Wow, you managed to break into Torchwood's secure files? You're a real Sarah Jane!"

"Don't get me wrong, Jackie Tyler is one fine ass chav, but she's no Sarah Jane."
by k0k0p311i October 10, 2007
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