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Sarah-Grace is the name of someone that is mentally strong with the ability to get shit done. They are very nice unless you get on their bad side, in which case, RUN! RUN FAR AWAY!!! If you're cool, she'll be cool with you though. She won't be a bitch like the other definitions say about her. She is the person which is no doubt the life of the party. She sometimes sticks to herself more often than she should, but once you have a close bond with her, you should be inseparable. She would never be anything but loyal to you. She may curse a lot but she has a good heart <3. If you have a best friend named Sarah-Grace, she's definitely a keeper! :)
Person #1: "Do you know Sarah-Grace?"
Person #2: "She's so sweet! She's the best!"
Person #1: "What are you talking about? She was super scary!!"
Person #2: "I see you got on her bad side. There will never be a party I host without her. She's crazy but fun to be with!"
by Hallfreakyzoid July 05, 2014
sarah grace is the most beautiful and cutest 5 year old girl who has down syndrome. Sarah loves dancing and playing with her older brothers. Anyone who knows sarah knows she is one girl with a big personality
by cbead2 December 07, 2011
A very bitchy girl who is a selfish cunt.
Guy1:"that girl is bitchy."
Guy2:"I know she is such a Sarah Grace."
by carl-pimoe May 26, 2012
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