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Sarabelle is the most amazing and gorgeous girl you will ever meet! She has such a beautiful and unique personality just like her name. She has her ups and her downs but she's honestly the best friend you'll ever have. Her friends love her so much and are really lucky to know her. She rocks their world! They say nobody's perfect but Sarabelle just proves them wrong.
Girl: Isn't Sarabelle so pretty and nice?

Girl 2: Of course! I'm so lucky to have her as friend
by SarBearxox January 05, 2013
She´s such an evil girl but kind of weird too and she has evil eyes. She has only two friends belle and annabelle, they are kind of a crew.
"Who are you?"
" I´m Sarabelle, don´t you allready know me?"
" nope"
" i love you bitch "
by zaras February 06, 2010

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