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A guy on a site called RSBot who poses as a girl. He was banned for posting a fake pic and saying it was him. A week later he posted new pics of some ugly chick and said 'she' was insecure.
Pedophile, Pedobear, Trap

Albi describes this monster as : cool story bro

Alabama describes this fucker as : gay, homosexual, faggot

Parker describes him as : troll

Major describes this thing as : Tappable

Pokemans says : worthless troll
Person 1: omgg its SaraTastic!
Person 2: dude.. she has a dick
Person 1: no man! she posted pics!

*3 weeks later* he is banned for posting fake pics and such

Person 1: man! I fapped to a guy, wat da fuck!
by djalabama December 11, 2009
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