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A Santa Monica City College that boasts one of the best transfer rates anywhere in the country. It has the #1 transfer rate to UCLA and other UC schools compared to Los Angeles community colleges. Because of the high property tax, SMC is well-funded and has great programs, a fantastic and open campus, and a diverse student body.
"Trying to park at Santa Monica College? It might take a while"
by B47 June 25, 2009
The dumpster for Beverly Hills High School Student who didn't get into a good college. In my opinion Santa Monica College is like second high school.
"Fuck high school I'll just go to SMC(Santa Monica College)!"
by Mrs. Dodds April 03, 2010
A fucking over populated community college in Santa Monica that lies about University transfers. It's a community college. It was among the top ranking in the national. However, due to critical financial shortages, it belongs to the bottom in my option ( I went there). In addition, the Professors(most) are a holes. Some Pressores are really caring and nice.
Damn, I went to Santa Monica College, it sucks.
by Marco at UCR October 16, 2006
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