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if you're looking for persians and asians. this is the place to look.
1: hi i'm persian
2: you must go to beverly hills high school.
1: yes i do.
#persian central #los angeles #bhhs #beverly #samo
by _glasscock January 01, 2009
The only high school in Beverly Hills, California. Pretty much a dumping ground for everybody in the city who's own local high schools sucks, like most high schools in the city do, yet who actually care about getting a public education. One of if not the safest and best public high schools in the Los Angeles area.

In movies and TV shows, Beverly is usually portrayed as being full of preppy, rich Beverly Hills stereotype kids. This isn't necessarily true: anybody who has money goes to a private school, which means most of the kids who live in Beverly Hills don't even go to Beverly.

Also a popular place to go for kids who get kicked out of private school, sometimes more than once.
Person 1: Hey man, what school do you go to?
Person 2: I go to Beverly.*
Person 1: Oh, that's cool. Did you get kicked out of Harvard-Westlake?
Person 2: No, but my regular district school is Uni**, so I transferred to Beverly.
Person 1: Oh man, good choice.

* "Beverly" is short for "Beverly Hills High School"
** "Uni" is short for "University High School," another Los Angeles high school.
#beverly #bhhs #bhh #beverly high #beverly hills high
by lovesmesumcake August 18, 2008
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