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A small-ass minor city that isn't so polluted, screwed up, deleted, violent, or gang-crammed, unlike San Jose.
by dj gs68 April 27, 2003
A small town hidden from mapview by its larger counterparts, San Jose and San Fransisco, that was once known for having very little Gang activiy and low crime rates. Due to recent development (see any article on the SF Forty-Niners) the city has slowly grown more violent, constantly being littered and tagged by various gangs now flocking to the area.

Santa Clara also houses California's Great America - a constant nuisance for surrounding neighborhoods, as they crank the speakers up higher every year. What little name the city has is usually followed up with some ridiculous announcement of how many more pot clubs have sprung up or how many people have died from house fires. This often hides the more refined parts of Santa Clara, which often includes small, one or two-day competitions for musicians and artists who get featured in either the Triton Museum of Art (artists) or in some other city (commonly schoolkids who have taken up Orchestra or Band.) Which sucks, since it robs reputation away from the best place in the Bay.
Person 1: Hey man did you hear about San Jose State's music students winning the state competition?

Person 2: You idiot, they were an Ensemble from Santa Clara.


Person 1: Dude, I didn't know Santa Clara had such great Artists!

Person 2: Yeah, nobody knows because the bigger cities like to take them away to their art schools.
by TaiomiFox July 11, 2011
the place wouldnt be so bad, but surly fuckin lives there. so it pretty much sucks hella dick.
surly is a bitch ass hoe, and she lives in santa clara.
by chicken head October 27, 2003
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