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Santa Christ Santa Christ we all love Santa Christ, he is Santa and Jesus God damn its Santa Christ. He atoned for all our sins but he also likes pancakes, he saves puppies from a fire and he also likes pancakes. He played base for Aerosmith, reads to sick orphans too, he goes surfing in space, and makes really good Fondue. He shoots lasers from his eyes and heal curtains for free, he fights monsters for fun and hangs out with Mr. T. Santa Christ, Santa Christ, Santa Christ, Santa Christ, you are the best man we love you Santa Christ.
Tarken: Holy Shit Weeg there goes Santa Christ back from a busy day.

Weeg: Yup he is going to IHOP to eat his pancakes.

All: You are the best man we love you Santa Christ
by Tarken Destroyer of Worlds November 02, 2010
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