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What Steve Rogers and Tony Stark do late at night.
Steve freaked out the first time he heard Tony say, "Hey Steve, you want some fondue?"
by someonewithrandomwords August 23, 2012
228 36
The act of taking a discussion away from the original topic in blog comments (comparable to bringing fondue to a dinner party and luring all the host's guests from the table).
Joe's blog entry: The Chelsea Hotel is an example of the Queen Anne style of architecture. (includes photo)
Leon: The hotel was built in the late 1800s, I think.
Dan: It was granted landmark status in 1966.
Mary: I lost my virginity at the Chelsea Hotel!
Laura: I lost my virginity while "Stairway to Heaven" was playing.
Ryan: I lost mine under the school bleachers.
Joe: Dammit, Mary fondued my blog again.
by An Aries March 27, 2008
76 13
Very popular Swiss food made of different cheeses melted in warm white whine. It is served in a special pot and is supposed to be eaten by dipping little pieces of bread in it.
There are many other fondues, including meat fondue and different dessert fondues but the cheese fondue is popular of them all.
Put some black pepper in your fondue!
by coronerxd June 01, 2005
94 33
Cheezy stuff to have in a fondue pot
by H*r f4n June 22, 2003
35 23
Debonair. Composed. Poised. Stylish. Socially desirable.
Did you see her shmooze that bartender into giving us free drinks? She is so fondue!
by Ms. Umlaut November 02, 2009
21 13
fingering a girl
she got fondued last night
by mizzdog June 25, 2012
11 12
When you bust in a girl's mouth, then Tea-bag her, and after she swallows make her lick the fondue cheese off your sack!
Dude, Kelly is one crazy ass chick! She let me fondue her last night!
by KJ-O April 11, 2010
30 38