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A sexual act in which a man or woman wets his or her fingers sticks them in sand to get them covered in sand then sticks the fingers in a woman's - vagina providing a sandpaper like effect for the woman.
I was on spring break down in sarasota, got pretty drunk and started having sex on the beach and totally sandy hooked this girl.
by Saucy Philippino March 15, 2009
1. region of New Jersey

2. A dirty move a stripper does by taking a handful of sand and inserting it into her vagina in a hooking motion.
My favorite stripper down at the club is Candy because she sandy hooks herself.

Why are you so bitchy today? Did your Sandy hook get stuck?
by The Ganzer February 05, 2010
A school in Newtown, Pennsylvania which is well known for the shooting by Adam Lanza, of which 28 people were killed, mostly children. The shooting was only a few days before Christmas in 2012.
The Sandy Hook shooting was downright unforgivable!
by SpiteDefaultAA January 13, 2013
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