1. (Proper name of Greek origin) diminutive of Alexandra, meaning "man's defender."

2. (noun) a woman (usually living with a with a mate) who acts like a modest, proper lady in public, but who is in fact a wily harlot driven by a lust for cock the likes of which the world has never seen.

The common Sandra's fornication habitat is almost exclusively reserved for her workplace, where she cultivates potential cocks for harvesting by going to regular lunches as "friends" with male co-workers and lamenting her unsatisfying and pathetic love-life at home, and unfortunate mate selection.

Ultimately, the common Sandra will angle herself into spending some private time at her prey's home, where she promptly releases her tiny breasts as bait, then drops to her knees to gulp down the cock she so craves. After she's exhausted all the illicit thrills to be had cheating on her mate with another man, if not offered a wedding ring, she will repeat the process with the next interested co-worker, preferably a friend of her present lover's.

3. (noun) A common mumble-mouthed gutterslut whore who craves abuse.
"Yeah, he caught her sucking her co-worker's cock in the parking lot stairwell!"
"Did she swallow or spit when he came?!?"
"Heard she spits it out..."
by R_U-Tuning_N September 19, 2013
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A strong name for a strong woman
A Sandra, especially one born under the star (sun) sign of Aries tends to be intelligent, witty, extremely open, honest & passionate and will do whatever it takes to uphold her morals. While these are extremely admirable traits, they also mean that they should never be crossed. Hope you are paying attention, you have been warned!!
On the flipside, if you do the right thing (and why wouldn’t you?) a Sandra will go out of her way to make your life beautiful.
While fiercely independent, a Sandra has both a strong sense of community and family and will do whatever it takes (regardless of personal cost) to defend and protect those that she cares about.
Do yourself a favour – find a Sandra; stocks are limited and they are (rightly so) in high demand.
Need a friend?
Look no further than Sandra

Sunday 28/12/2008
by Sandy28 December 28, 2008
A beautiful woman inside and out.intelligent,witty,loves to laugh.helpful,very loyal,devoted,Queen.hardworking,one of a kind.blessed.pretty rare eyes.nice body. mean at times,sexy.easily hurt.but strong woman.goes through tough times but never gives up.always looks passed ur bullshit and sees the good in you.accepts you for who you are.always hated on.will rarely turn their backs on you.
Sandra is the best.
by TheTruth12Real12 February 01, 2010
A Sandra is known to have striking intelligent features. Tends to be the bravest In a group of people. Although clumsy at times, always recovers from a stumble Like a ballerina in flip flops.
Wow did you see that Sandra who just tripped in her ballerina flip flops?
by TCarpio April 25, 2008
sandra one who is sweet as sugar and twice as nice!
Damn I am lucky to be dating such a wonderfull sandra!
That betty is such a sandra
by jeffery thomas mckiney March 26, 2007
N.- The most amazing girl in the world.
I love Sandra with all of my heart, and that will never change.
by Ballzach33 July 17, 2009
A beautiful woman inside and out. A woman that's always there if you need her, a woman that's everyone's favourite person. Sandra is a woman among women she is accepting she accepts my preferences as I do hers. I am looking forward to the many more lunch chats I will have with this amazingly beautiful woman
Sandra is the woman who changed everything.
by Sweetstudent69 September 28, 2014
body of a goddess with extravagant features loving caring sweet and mostly SEXY ! what every guy needs keeps her head up in the sky and doesn't let anything get in her way
a beast in bed !!
John: Damnnnnn yo you saw that girl?
Larry: Yup ! shes a sandra all right
by urlovex3 January 08, 2009
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