1.The best person ever. She likes to smoke weed and party and she is very intelligent and has a nice butt. she always gets in trouble but shes the nicest person ever.
2. a girls name
3. can be pronounced in black "shandraw" white"siandraw" and mexican"sandrrrrra" :)
hey that girl is soo funny and never cares about what people think about her?

oh thats a sandra mann
by yooodaddddyyyyy September 05, 2011
Loves being with her boyfriend 24-7. Doesn't pay attention to his flaws but instead the beauty he has inside and out. Sandra hopes to be with him forever and ever.
Sandra is going to she her steller boyfriend.
by sd42909dw February 11, 2010
A great girl. She is a beautiful intelligent smart girl that loves to sing and dance and just chill out. She can be a type of prostitute in a way that isn't so obvious. She loves her mom and dad and can be fun to be around unless you make her mad.
Hey Sandra! Cinco for a BJ
by Funny Man 1234 February 09, 2010
The name sandra is derived from alexandra and it also means the queen. Also means kindness, love, peace, & helper of mankind. -

A young girl, usually with tanish skin, who dresses like a slut just to get guys attention. Butt shes sweet, caring, helpfull, funny, nice, & has a great attitude. You will always see her with a beutifull smile on her face. Loves to sing rap music. (shee got a gangstaa status) Great at dancing grinding, & club dancing. Shess fucking hot ass helllll. So if you ever go out with a Sandra; dont ever let go cus boyy, youur onee lucky person ! :)
Have you seen Sandra latley? Shes such a slut, but sucha great dancer. ;
by Johnni Test December 20, 2009
An extremely fresh white girl that can come up with tight rhymes.
Yo, that Sandra raps like it's nobody's business.
by sandybean44 February 05, 2009
a dark haired person, both male and female. that loves to colour its hair blond, personality is blond. although there is very little brain it thinks its all that, thinks its a hottie and a cutie.
person: my sister is such a sandra
by alzoozi March 15, 2008

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