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A drop dead gorgeous actress born in Virginia whose first movie was in 1987 and has continued to make entertaining timeless movies for over 20 years!

See also: extremely hot bod, hilarious woman, classy, and sexy.
Have you seen 'The Proposal' yet? Man Sandra Bullock is sexy!!...and I'm a straight woman!
by EnEmEs June 27, 2009
159 70
An extremely hot actress the age of 41, who starred in movies like Speed (1994) and Miss Congeniality (2001)
Sandra Bullock scores a comic success!
by Lexiloo June 16, 2006
214 88
When a single Caucasian woman adopts a baby with intent to raise it on her own.
I am going to Sandra Bullock a baby.
by tmarks May 25, 2012
23 48
1. Bullshit or nonsense. Cockney Rhyming Slang for bollocks 2. Testicles, balls.
1.If cheating weren't bad enough the bitch had to give me that load of Sandra Bullocks about why she was late!
2.Damnit, if I find that man, I'm cutting off his Sandra Bullocks!
by darkest_light June 10, 2006
12 53