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Owning a dude by biting or cutting his penis while pretending to perform fellatio on him. The Beecher Method is useful for defending onself in an abusive situation. This was made popular by the HBO series OZ when regular but crazy inmate Beecher bit Robson's penis when he was sexually assaulted in his cell.
1.I think Rihanna should've made up with Chris Brown after the fight, then used the Beecher Method.
2. Driver 1:(Honking car horn) Drive slower, Dickhead!
Driver 2: Blow Me!
Driver 1: C'mon over, bitch! I'll give you the Beecher Method!
by darkest_light October 13, 2009
A great comeback to something you didn't want to hear- or could give a damn about.

The Whofa King Cares (who fucking cares) when a busybody gets in somebody's business, turns trivial nonsense into a big ado, talks plenty of shit, etc.
Jack- Did you know I banged Jessica twice already?
Devon- Tell it to the Whofa King cuz Whofa King Cares.
by darkest_light July 15, 2009
A girl with an especially small rack is known as a Manchester (Man-Chester) especially if her chest has no curves or definition. Keira Knightley is the most famous example of this.
Mike: I gotta give you props on your new chick, she is kinda fine, but she's a bit of a manchester.

Dave: Her ass makes up for it though, G'dunkadunk!
by darkest_light January 02, 2010
1. Bullshit or nonsense. Cockney Rhyming Slang for bollocks 2. Testicles, balls.
1.If cheating weren't bad enough the bitch had to give me that load of Sandra Bullocks about why she was late!
2.Damnit, if I find that man, I'm cutting off his Sandra Bullocks!
by darkest_light June 10, 2006

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