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1) Unclean vagina, noticable due to the sandy residue on index and middle finger or the whole fist respectively.
2) Old virgin/female that has not been penetrated lately
3) In a pinch, it can be used for a male that hasn't gotten any lately either. Especially insulting because it also attacks their manliness

Not to be confused with sand nigger
1) "Dude, do you remember who I went home last night? I woke up with my fingers all sticky and residual!" - "Oh, you poor fucker, check for STDs, you laid that dirty ol' sandcunt from the bar"

2) "Your sister is such a sandcunt, she deserves a pity fuck."

3) "Let's get Joe a drag hooker for his birthday, he's such a fucking sandcunt!!"
by Jismoitekk the Enforcer May 20, 2006
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