To be intimidated or coerced into doing something you'd rather not.
I didn't want to write the report as it wasn't my responsibility, but Mike the cunt sandbagged me into it.
by Parsefone October 13, 2006
to be dissed, ignored, proven wrong, or snubbed by another person who acts like a real asshole during the sandbagging; preferably done by that polish girl at lunch that no one likes, ya know? the one who sits by people who make fun of her, and she pretends to be like haha but then goes home and cuts herself, and u try to be kinda nice sumtimes but then she just sandbags you like that, ya know? yea....u know
Izabel, or whatever the fuck that girls name is, just sandbagged Dan when he asked her what time it was and she was like "Time for you to get a watch". So I sandbagged her back by fuckin her sister, and she was all "oh yea" and i was like "bam bam bambam bam"................yea
by Jesus Christ Jr. April 02, 2008
a ball-less loser who also has no life, and tries to make up for it by making fun of innocent individuals. and in the end is dissed and looks like a fool , and therefore blames the other party of "sandbagging" him.
Dan and Mike, have no friends and try to get attention by asking what time it is, but instead they get dissed,with no comeback they accuse the Polak "Izabel", that she sandbagged them. Since she didn't ackknowledge them, they tried to sandbagg her back by saying they fucked her sister. When in reality THEY HAVE NO GAME AND COULD NEVER SCORE!
by "The Sandbagger" April 05, 2008
when somebody disses or ignores you. People who are retarded usually spell incorrectly a lot, like "sandbagg"
Izabel totally sandbagged dan and mike when she said they were losers and re-wrote her own, unfunny, definition when, in fact, it was not either of them who wrote the definition in the first place, it was dj spinbad.

example 2:
Dan sandbagged dj spinbad by saying he wrote the "sandbagged" definition... but it doesnt matter because he is a horrible dj... SPINBAD BAYBAY!
by Jesus Christ Jr. II April 07, 2008
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