San Ramon is a city trapped within its own cesspool. The residents draw blanks when confronted on real issues, common sense, or when you just happen to say something smart. The only thing that matters to the residents is how they are viewed by each other, hence the only reason to “work” harder at selling home loans (been breakin' my back on the phone all day, honey!) and buy an S class or 7 series. To the few sane people left in San Ramon, the town itself drives them to insanity because the rich logic takes over EVERYONE and you wonder if you’re the last sane person on the planet… or are you the craziest person on the planet? There are various reasons why San Ramon should not be considered a part of CA (the most accepting, well-rounded, and liberal state of the Union)...
1. As stated by someone else, fun is illegal.
2. Being poor is a 1st degree felony, punishable by death.
3. Littering on master-planned cement will bring at least three separate cop cars to your location within the minute.
4. Smoking weed will also bring the same result, this as well is punishable by death.
However, if you’re rich, white, ignorant, and want your kids to be just as dumb, this is the safest place in the entire world. Nothing will happen. Ever. Until the day when someone snaps and blows it up.

Residents from here and the surrounding cities (Danville, Blackhawk, Dublin, Pleasanton, Alamo) have strange delusions. Many believe that rapper E-40 is FROM Blackhawk. This, of course, is ridiculous, like saying that Dr. Dre is from Beverley Hills. To clear up anyone's ignorance, E-40, coming upon a fortune too big to carry around in the itty bitty city of Vallejo (where he is actually from) was forced to move to a gated location like Blackhawk. I hope his twisted rich and evil neighbors are scared by the amount of coked out and high black people always driving by their house. Haha.

After living here for 10 years, I've since escaped the city limits, and will be going as far as possible, never to return, not even for my family (they have that "rich logic" and I can't help but knowing that I'm dealing with madmen).
"San Ramon is a city in the San Francisco Bay Area. It, however, is not in the 'yay area' or 'da bay'."
by drugs got me addicted to insanity! February 23, 2007
I Live in San Ramon and I have lived here all my life and I hate it!The only thing that is good are my friends that arent robots liek the adults and soccer moms in this town.No one has a peronality that is worth taking a second look at.The town is boring,there is no hang out for the kids except the market place which isnt even that fun! The only hot people here are teenagers which are either shallow or amazing, you have a 99.9% chance to get shallow teens.Every one thinks we are rich well we arent!This place is just so normal,and so modern and there are cops everywhere!They isolate us from the actaull bad things in this world, or atleast the adults try to but in this town everyone is bad in there own way ,we just dont show it. People usally stink but liek I said you still have that 1.1% chance of finding those amazing people that are just as random as you and all my friends are that 1.1% but like I said this town is crap and I am begging you if you even think about moving here kiss your life good bye. I wish some one would take me out of this hell hole
san ramon,hell,sucks,cookie cutter town,isolation,hell whole
by wishingtoleave June 26, 2011
A place in CA that you won't ever want to live. Too many wiggers and cops that have nothing to do. It is said to be one of the beautiful cities, don't get me wrong, it is but if you like stuck up people, middle school sluts, assholes that can't drive this is the perfect place for you. I have lived here for 3 years now and wanted to kill myself almost every single day. Only a certain amount assholes i can take and there's too many there.
Iron Horse Middle School, CA High, wiggers, cops, almost worse than San Francisco, San Ramon
by applebunnie August 21, 2010
the absolute worst place in this entire sucks asssss.the people suck asssss too.
hey do u kno where hell is located?...oh yah san ramon, california!
by idontlikeit May 05, 2009
where's the black people? or the hispanics? or the non white-washed asians?
no, seriously, there are no minorities in san ramon and its surrounding areas because it's so white-washed.
by j.m.f. July 25, 2006
San Ramon is an upper middle class community near Danville(D-Ville) and Walnut Creek(Dub-C)located within the 925 area code. Everyone who lives there is asian,middle eastern, or white(minority)unlike its neighbor Danville where the white trash live. San Ramon is mostly populated with rich kid wigggers who drive mercedes and bimmers(mostly Windemere area). There is also a large "Scene" population. most of the Scene kids go to Cal High, in the "ghetto" part of San Ramon where the Mexicans live. The good half of San Ramon "Rides the yellow bus" to Monte Vista High in Danville. There are not many good restaurants or anything in the Bridges/Windemere hood, but if you venture further down you will find "the marketplace" near Iron Horse Middle School. The PO-Pos in SR have nothing to do so they camp out in bushes and catch innocent people. Everyone here plays soccer, but in D-Ville lacsrosse,water polo, and baseball are the most popular youth sports. San Ramonm is hella pimp
San Ramon is hella ghetto fabulous becuase there are so many drive bys and black people.
by THIZZ THIZZ THIZZ THIZZ September 11, 2006
Wanksta Ville. A highly segregated city with a racist government. There are seperate schools for Whites, Blacks, Asians, and Undefineds. One of the last segregated cities in America.
I got kicked out of San Ramon because I am Pacific Islander.
by Ms. Carter May 06, 2005
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