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1) On joking terms, describing a female who seems ditzy, or generally confused.

2) As an insult, it would have the same meaning as stupid or dumb.

3) A "dumb blonde"
1) Girl 1: Your'e so stupid you threw a rock at the ground and missed.
Girl 2: How could you miss the ground?
Girl 1: That's the point.. God you're such a samwe.

2) Girl: I don't know why I ever liked you.
Guy: Same here, you're such a samwe.
Girl: Fuck you.

3) *A group of blondes walk by*
Guy 1: Did you see those girls? They were hot!
Guy 2: They were okay, but they looked like a bunch of samwes.
Guy 1: True..
by TheGreaterThatOneChick July 11, 2010
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