A no-anime cartoon that takes place in Japan,when a boy named Jack,and his hometown is destroyed,he grows up,and get a magic sword which can be used to defeat Aku(means evil or demon in Japanese),he must defeat Aku to go back into the past and undo the future as Aku
Samurai Jack is an awesome cartoon
by Mo October 17, 2004
Top Definition
A rather decent show by Genndy Tartakovsky, which is played on Cartoon Network. It's about a samurai called Jack (called so by a group of ghetto-speaking thugs in the second episode), and how he is ripped into the future where the almighty being Aku (japanese literal meaning for "evil") rules all, including various locations in the heavens.

Yes, it is a type of rip on anime, and there was even a character on an episode that looked like Jigen from Lupin III. But with its cinematic soundtrack & other interesting things, you really could do worse. In fact, the purpose of this show is NOT to rip on anime! It's called APPRECIATION OF CULTURES! Unfortunately, people just don't get it. -_-'
"Aku is funny. I thought the funniest episode of the show was when he was trying to brainwash the children into disliking Jack, by reading them a bunch of fractured fairytales."
by Dave March 28, 2004
An awesome cartoon on cartoonnetwork. Features a samurai warrior with a magic sword who is trying to get back to the past to defeat the dark lord Aku, who enslaved humanity.
Did you catch the latest Samurai Jack?
Yeah, it was extruviently cool!
by thlalyi February 07, 2003
a super awsome show about a samurai named jack who get sent into the future by a magic skinny black guy named aku. Jacks goal in the show is to find a portal in which to return to the past and defeat aku. Even though he finds a portal in almost every episode he never manages to return,thus giving the creators the ability to make a season finale at any givin time without anybody seeing it coming.The last episode actually ends up being the prolouge to the first episode when jacks father gets the magic sword from the gods and defeats aku and locks him up for a few years.
"Gee I really wish i could see if samurai jack ever makes it back to the past."
by wesdoggg December 03, 2009
A complete an utter newbie from Gametalk who always posts the exact same posts. Not a real guy, just a lame cloning attempt at Auron Leon Heart, and even worse than him.
Samurai Jack: i am the best

Oldie: *insert detailed description here*

S Jack: stfu

Oldie: *insert detailed description here*

S Jack: u loser

Oldie: I'm leaving you. You're pathetic.

S Jack: no ur scread of me

Oldie: *vanishes* O_O
by Drazar March 18, 2004
Another shit attempt by Americans to imitate anime.
Samurai Jack on Cartoon Network is a fucking joke.
by AYB February 23, 2003
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