The tightest nigga ever, the most kick ass actor ever, has been in so many kick ass movies and played so many kick ass characters. He has been a jedi, a cartoon super hero, a drug dealer (on a few occasions), a secret agent, a member of swat, a scientist, a basket ball coach and Shaft just to name a few characters
Plus some of the movies he has been in include
Star Wars, Shaft, GTA (Game), Pulp Fiction, Coach Carter, SWAT, Die Hard 3, the 51st State, Deep Blue Sea, Kiss of Death, and Jurrasic Park
White Guy: who is Samuel l Jackson?
Black Guy: What, cracker whats wrong with you, he his only the tightest nigga ever, who is every fuckin movie that kicks ass
White Guy: What like titanic
Black Guy: Dam you white boys need to see more pimpin movies,im talkin shit like Pulp Fiction and Shaft
White Guy: What?
Black Guy: Oh shit nigga, Jackson is God. And not the nigga who is now white, the one who is still a nigga
by that british guy January 27, 2006
Top Definition
1. Bad-ass mutha fucker.
"Dude, did you see Pulp Fiction?"
"Yeah, that guy Samuel L. Jackson is such a bad-"
"Shut yo mouth!"
"I'm just talkin about SLJ!"
"We can dig it."
by Maggy June 13, 2003
A God among actors. He's so important, that you have to include the "L" in his middle name every time you talk about him.
Kid: Who's Samuel Jackson?
Me: Shut your bitch mouth, infidel! *slaps* It's Samuel L. Jackson, and don't you EVER FORGET IT!
by RazorPine October 09, 2005
A black actor who's appeared in just about every movie. Ever.
When in doubt, cast Samuel L. Jackson in a supporting or leading role.
by little geek July 09, 2005
A God among mere mortals, Samuel L Jackson is pissed off all the time and is constantly kicking ass. He does not talk. He only yells. He is the defender of all things awesome. Samuel L Jackson particularly enjoys killing Snakes, usually on Planes. No one crosses Samuel L Jackson and lives to tell about it. He is partners with Chuck Norris.
Samuel L Jackson: (yelling) Enough is Enough! I want these mother fuckin' snakes off my mother fuckin' plane! Everybody hold on. I'm gonna open the fuckin' window.
by woots September 03, 2006
1)Hardest working actor in Hollywood. The one nigga in H-wood you don't wanna f**k with!

2)A beer that'll "get ya drunk!!!"
1) See "Pulp Fiction," "Jackie Brown" and "Shaft," to see why he's is a bad mutha!

2)"UMM-UMM, bitch!"
by B-Money July 25, 2004
Have you not noticed that he is in every movie?
person 1: whos in that movie?
person 2: i dont know, but i bet samuel l jackson is.
by al kickyourass March 31, 2006
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