That actor who's face you are sick of looking at because you associate tv with him now. Although he is a badass actor
Person#1: "you dont know who Samuel L Jackson is"!?
Person#2: "no"
Person#2: "yeah wtf is he?"
by Let me suck you're cock! June 22, 2015
Somebody who, if you are white, would probably make you kill yourself if you had to sit across from them on a train.
Samuel L. Jackson: Say what one more time mothafucka
by jrich69 May 12, 2006
The most whored actor in film history, will appear in anything for the right amount of cash.

Will be in 90% of films being made by the time we get to 2010
"A film about Snakes... on a plane? You bet your mother fuckin' ass I'll be in that"

"A film about aliens who blow up the planet, fix it to blow it up again then fuck us all in the ass and I'll love it? I'm not sure...

You'll pay me 10 million dollars to be in it?! Sign me up nigga!"

All quotes I overheard Samuel L. Jackson say them
by Kieren and Grae July 22, 2006
myyyyyyyy nigga!
possibly the baddest mofo on the planet.
see pulp fiction and jackie brown
by roxxor February 19, 2004
a black, bad-ass nigga in nearly every movie
Did you here if that new movie was good or not?

not yet, but samuel l jackson is in it so its garenteed to be bad-ass

by pirate-ninja of death October 16, 2006
A new beer brand sponsored by the famous actor. First commercial ever aired on the Dave Chapelle Show.
Are you ready for the truth?... and I hope they burn in hell... crazy white boy muthafucka... may I have some of this soft drink to wash this down?...
by venusflytrap January 17, 2005
1. Noun. One of the best American actors of all time. Often has roles as a bad ass, which is a role he plays better than anyone.

2. Verb. As is characteristic of many of Samuel L. Jackson movies, to yell something deep and filled with curse words to a person over and extended period of time. To constantly speak in a loud tone of voice regardless of the subject matter.

3. Verb. To speak violent things in a calm tone of voice while looking at the person with crazy eyes. This makes you scary as hell.
If you keep talking shit, motherfucker, I'm gonna Samuel L. Jackson your ass!

Person 1: Why are you yelling at me?
Samuel L. Jackson: Because this is how I talk motherfucker! Aint you seen any of my movies?
by BombACat July 18, 2010
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