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A large stanky ass whore that is loud, obnoxious, and grows attached to small things such as smaller horny prepubescent boys. Often communicates using phrases like "ME LIKE SNOO SNOO!"
Wow, that Samsquatch sure likes to snoo snoo poor Timmy over there, its a wonder his little dick hasn't broken off yet.
by polopoly October 23, 2006
A guy that is freakin' crazy. Someone who will have sex with just about anything. Also a person who is a big-ass football player could be considered a "Samsquatch".
Samsquatch was tearin' that ass up all night long.

I got samsquatched last night.

Samasquatch at that guy whole last night.

Did you see that samsquatch fuck that toaster.
by jwallace April 04, 2008
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